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We are a company that has been in business for 6 years and I have done floor coatings for 18 years. I DON'T pour or stamp concrete. I work with concrete floors that need a protective coating on them for clean ability, durability, and decorative look. I can take a pitted, dirty, worn out floor and make it into something to be proud of. I use M.M.A. acrylic, epoxy and urethane applications. I also can do decorative flake and quartz systems. The floor coatings I use can be clear or different pigmented colors. I can make your floors slip resistant, and resistant to chemicals, salt, oil, gas and grease. I work in industrial, commercial and residential areas. I have done work on auto show floors and in the car repair areas. I work in paper mills, dairys, and most industrial sites. Any place that might like a good looking floor, making it easy for maintenance to clean and safe for workers. I use shot blasting to prep my floors which is considered the "Gold Standard" for floor preparation. This is how you create a clean, rough surface for the floor coating to adhere to. I am fully insured and guarantee my work in writing.

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Creative Concrete Coatings is conveniently located in St Paul, Minnesota and can help you find exactly what you're looking for when it comes to Floor Coatings. Why preparation is so important. Concrete preparation is key when coating your floor. Most coating adhesion problems arise from poor surface preparation. To achieve a good bond with your concrete floor, the surface must be chemically clean of dirt or any other contaminants and it must have a mechanical etch, or profile. Because concrete is porous, it will hold oils, chemicals or other penetrating substances that can act as a barrier and prevent the coating from adhering properly. Without a good profile, the chances of your coatings becoming chipped or breaking up altogether are greatly increased and your floors life expectancy is reduced. Creative Concrete Coatings “shot blasts” every floor we coat. Shot blasting will strip, clean and etch the floor all at once for optimum adhesion. The surface then is clean, chemical free, dry and ready to coat. Other means of preparation are diamond grinding, scarification, sand and screening. Benefits of coating you concrete floors Attractive Clean ability No Down Time! Slip resistant Durable Chemical resistant Creative Concrete Coatings is your best bet for Floor Coatings in St Paul. Try us and find out.

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When you are looking for Floor Coatings in St Paul , Minnesota look to Creative Concrete Coatings. Creative Concrete Coatings is located right in St Paul, MN and is happy to help with Floor Coatings.

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Creative Concrete Coatings in St Paul , MN is the best choice when you need Floor Coating Contractors. Creative Concrete Coatings proudly serves the St Paul, MN area. Creative Concrete Coatings provides the best Floor Coating Contractors, garage floor coating contractors, and epoxy concrete coating contractors in St Paul and Twin City, Minnesota.

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